Friday, January 4, 2013

Beauty, Hair & Style // Behind The Scenes v. 01

According to the first resolution for 2013, I need to become more feminine. With this start, I want to create posts on my blog every Monday and Friday. Beauty and Hair posts will occur every Monday, leaving Style posts on Friday. To introduce this post, I want to start out on Behind The Scenes with the MissGuided Spring/Summer 2013 office tour, courtesy of SaraLuxe.

(c/o Missguided)

I've followed this brand for several years and when I came across a vlog for one of their collections, and even more so through one of my favorite bloggers.. I was thrilled! Missguided is one of those stores who prides themselves on delivering key catwalk looks and delivering reputable customer satisfaction.

Not to mention, everything about the home office reminds me of how I want build my dream office: full of bright colors, inspirational signs, skulls, and what have you.

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