Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty, Hair, Style // Intellitec College "Cosmetology" v.01

Yes, that's right. It is 6:22 and I had a wild hair up my ass to ACTUALLY prepare myself to start blogging soon (aka - modifying my blog) and trying to put up a post before I arrive at Intellitec College for their Cosmetology Program. I could be getting ready, but why do that when you are super excited and feel its literally the best thing you ever thought about doing for your family?

I know for me, its better than the hell that we spent the past year or so since the last I updated this blog. For real, if you want to step inside my shoes and almost loose your home, lost your car and could have been homeless, be my guest. But it seems like someone above (I'd rather say my grandmother, HEY Maw-Maw! I appreciated the rainbow, rain, sleet and snow you gave me to let me know you are still here for us - could have made it without the weird weather though because I know you're there) because as soon as it turned 2014, it was like my whole perspective on things turned around and we ended up getting a new car and moved into a new home after having our second son (Hello Saturn! and double-wide trailer - don't hate!). Did you really read that?
                     A SECOND SON!

Anyways, ahem.. more on that later because I need to get back to the story I was going to tell. OH yeah, cosmetology. So here is the thing, I need to get ready but I wanted to keep everyone posted and to let them know that I am back and ready to attack. Thanks @IISuperwomanII & @JadahDoll, I owe you one!

Can I say that I am super excited for starting because of this very video and this is literally my first day back in college. Wish me luck..I'll need it with all those personalities! I feel like I'll be working with drag queens..(just kidding, but that'd be awesome).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Randomoscity // Get Inside Of My Head v. 01

I was born a feline from my mother's womb. No seriously, how else could I explain for the times when I was a kid when I snuck in catnip just to sniff it and roll in it or when I ate my cat's wet food? What about all the times when I used to go to my grandmother's house and I would climb all the way from the kitchen counters, to the tops of the cabinets and onto the refridgerator, all the way to the stairs that lead to a secret part of her house?

I cannot help that I can walk through the house at night when its dark and not step on a thing, nor wake up anyone. My five senses are enhanced like cats, I tell you!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beauty, Hair & Style // Once A Year v. 01

Walking straight into a circus, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show set the bar high this year with the performances of Rihanna, Justin Beiber (obviously) and Bruno Mars through Theatre Bizarre, Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, Pink Ball, Secret Studios and Angels In Bloom.
While 'Get Ur Freak On' from the lovely Missy Elliott, 'Break On Through (To The Other Side)' from The Doors, and 'Rebel Yell' from Billy Idol played through a remixed version of the safari hunt theme in the background, aerial acts, sword swollers, yo-yo'ers, dancers and freak show performances showcased the many girls with their obvious talents.
Rihanna rocked the lingerie look (you know, the oh-so-revealing black corseted gown with a thigh-high slit that showed off her garters and stockings, lace arm warmers, five strand pearl necklace and pearl-rimmed sunglasses which undoubtedly could remind you of the timeless, classy and elegant Ms. Elizabeth Taylor), providing the highlight of the live-music soundtrack and holding her own on the catwalk with some of the world's top models. Her new single 'Diamonds' played on que when the hotel gates opened up to reveal the mansion in the background and the smoke illuminating on the runway with hanging lamps moving about over the crowd.
Ending the Victorian spectacle, Bruno Mars set the tone for the Calendar Girls theme with a jazz band that danced in tune with him all over the stage and runway to "Locked Out Of Heaven". The 50's nostalgic pin-up girls showed a seductive journey from  January's Happy New Year to December's Sexy Santa.
Right after the Calendar Girls, Justin Beiber appeared with his new song “As Long As You Love Me” through an acoustic set. What I had been dreading for the past few months to watched, turned me into a Beibs fan just from an inside joke I pulled with myself (the fact that I pictured Zak singing up there and kind of felt proud!). At least you can say that he sounds much better than he ever did from the 'Baby' days.
Justin's next hit “Beauty and The Beat”, along with his “swagger-like” dance routine, hit the spot with its mix through the Pink Ball with a pin-ball machine runway and Roller Derby Girl backdrop to speak for the girls' childhood dreams. I bet it tickled the fantasies of all the girls in this set when Justin Beiber interacted with them in a cute "here I am" dance!

Old world Hollywood allure abounds as the Angels transported us to a world of glitz and excitement. Bedecked showgirls, diamonds, feathers fineries, and the luxurious stylings of the 20's and 30's were introduced in the Secret Studios with Bruno Mars hit "Young Girls". Nothing could seem to go wrong with vintage movie reels, blue stars everywhere and lights flashing around!

Soft, sultry pastels and luscious shades mingle in a fantastical, ethereal arrangement performed by Rihanna with her latest single “Phresh Out The Runway” for the Angels In Bloom. While she danced down the runway before giving her own take on giving the catwalk in her lacy pastel floral robe, aerial silk performers set the stage for the $2.5 million Floral Fantasy Bra, created by London Jewelers.

As soon as the glitter settles from the runway, the Victoria Secret team will be thinking about next year's show. While it takes a year to plan, it only takes about five months to see the vision come to life and only that much more time to see the entire process on the runway. Are you ready for next year? I know I am, but only this time my review will be the day after. Promise!
(I blame it on being a full-time business owner and mom to five children. I also blame it on the fact that they chose Justin Beiber as a performer, but that's for another time for me to discuss.)

Procreation & Parenthood // Parenting Tips v. 01

I can already feel the tense faces of those who feel the need of knowing and understanding why Wreck It Ralph needs a reason to be in one of my parenting tips. Well you cherry-chasing dot-muncher, I will tell you why.
Oh, you don't like Pac-Man? Too bad.

Just take the hint that I am an adult in a child's body (a very tall body, if I say so!) and that I want you to know that I absolutely loved the Wreck It Ralph movie. Video games own my heart and forever will I love references made within the movie. But why is this a movie to rave about when it comes to parenting? Well....lets just say that his achievement to be fully-potty trained earned him a special trip in order to get big boy underwear... sit on the big boy chair at Taco Bell (nothing new) before seeing the movie
...for him to play with video game guns after the movie (also nothing new for us)

...and to get a lollipop for the walk home all because he learned how to potty in the toilet.

And there you have it, the reason why its a good thing to spoil your kid to new underwear, big boy (video game) guns, Taco Bell and a movie (might I add his first movie theater experience?) just for using the toilet on a daily basis for months at a time. Even if your child runs carelessly throughout the theater (like ours did), still let them have their big day.

After all, he or she will feel special for being embarrassed by the concept of peeing or pooping in their diapers and finally taking the plunge to poop in order to scream at the top of their lungs so they can say "I did it!". Be prepared and do not say that I did not warn you.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty, Hair & Style // Collection Of The Month v. 01

"Holy Lazy Oaf collaboration, Batman! The UK-based graphic street wear label recently teamed up with DC comics to release an awesome Batman-themed collection in celebration of The Dark Knight Rises. The collection is a totally cute retro throwback to the comic book black-and-yellow Batman of yesteryear, complete with bat-signal prints, vintage Batman logos, and - yes - even bat wing silhouettes! I want every piece and, between The Dark Knight Rises and Spiderman, I'm on a super comic book kick these days."

All I can say is that Audrey Kitching said it the best way when describing the Batman x Lazy Oaf Collaboration. To me, the photos describe the story even better than the description considering that I am a huge fan of comics (especially since I am in love with Catwoman and Selene's character in Batman). Here is the link to the photo album if you want to see more eye candy!

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