Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty, Hair, Style // Intellitec College "Cosmetology" v.01

Yes, that's right. It is 6:22 and I had a wild hair up my ass to ACTUALLY prepare myself to start blogging soon (aka - modifying my blog) and trying to put up a post before I arrive at Intellitec College for their Cosmetology Program. I could be getting ready, but why do that when you are super excited and feel its literally the best thing you ever thought about doing for your family?

I know for me, its better than the hell that we spent the past year or so since the last I updated this blog. For real, if you want to step inside my shoes and almost loose your home, lost your car and could have been homeless, be my guest. But it seems like someone above (I'd rather say my grandmother, HEY Maw-Maw! I appreciated the rainbow, rain, sleet and snow you gave me to let me know you are still here for us - could have made it without the weird weather though because I know you're there) because as soon as it turned 2014, it was like my whole perspective on things turned around and we ended up getting a new car and moved into a new home after having our second son (Hello Saturn! and double-wide trailer - don't hate!). Did you really read that?
                     A SECOND SON!

Anyways, ahem.. more on that later because I need to get back to the story I was going to tell. OH yeah, cosmetology. So here is the thing, I need to get ready but I wanted to keep everyone posted and to let them know that I am back and ready to attack. Thanks @IISuperwomanII & @JadahDoll, I owe you one!

Can I say that I am super excited for starting because of this very video and this is literally my first day back in college. Wish me luck..I'll need it with all those personalities! I feel like I'll be working with drag queens..(just kidding, but that'd be awesome).

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