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I am excited to share my experience with other independent bloggers, online personalities through the handmade community (this expands further than just Etsy!), well-established brands and even small businesses! If you want to swap with me or venture through another avenue of sponsorship, I would be more than thrilled to share my journey with you through Beaute Sombre!  

With plans on growing within the blogging community, Beaute Sombre will first accept ad swaps participation in the mean-time. If you would like to swap a button, please make sure you read and consider the following before contacting me about an ad swap.

1. To become eligible, you must follow Beaute Sombre through Google Friend Connect.

2. After contact and following each other's blog, we will then trade ads. Your ad will be featured on the right side of my blog and in return, my ad should be placed on either sidebar of your blog.

3. If you want to have the ad up for a certain period of time, make sure you contact me about the such.

4. Last, I have the right to refuse an ad that I do not believe is a good 'fit' for my blog or is negative in any way.

All current buttons are located on the left sidebar within all pages of Beaute Sombre. If you like the idea of ad swapping with Beaute Sombre, need a different size or will require my help in designing an ad, please contact me at djkittiex [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu. I am more than happy to help with sponsoring each other's blog as well as to help you with designing an ad that is eye-catching as well as accessible to my readers. Just send over two or three pictures you might want to see incorporated, the text to include and if you would like a particular font!

If you are a freelance artist, brand or company that is interested in product integration, review, working on a fun project, or sponsoring a dedicated post, please feel free to contact me at any time through djkittiex [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu. I would be more than thrilled to brainstorm some ideas with you!

Giveaways are given on a first come, first served basis. Sponsors will need to offer a product to be used for giveaway on my blog. One of the instructions will include a way for the competitors to stay in touch with the sponsor or giveaway through following the social media pages of the sponsor and the sponsoree. I do request a minimum value of $20 for the giveaway and that the giveaway only lasts for less than a week and a half. After a winner is chosen, you are responsible for mailing the item to the winner and sending me the requirements before the giveaway starts.

I am more than thrilled to help promote businesses (both large and small) with their products through outfit posts. If you have an item that you would love to see me incorporate in an outfit post, then I may just muster up some motivation to step in front of the camera to do so! Just please make sure to send me a link to the product through djkittiex [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu for approval before mailing the item since I do only post and review products I may actually wear. Just note that the item will not be returned afterwards.

If you are interested in having your product shown on Beaute Sombre through photos, outfit posts, or roud-ups, feel free to contact me. Every inquiry may not be accepted, thus the reason why I reserve the right to showcase items in which I feel properly represent me and my blog.

If you would like an item from your brand or company reviewed on Beaute Sombre upon introducing to a new set of readers, I would love to hear from you! Reviews written through my own words are copywritten with an honest opinion. The items reviewed must make sense in according to what is posted on my blog. Anything sent and need of being reviewed will include a "c/o" next to the sponsor's website and social media along with several photos of your product in need of review (in which you can use at your own discretion).

Any sponsor interested in sponsoring an item through Beaute Sombre must send a sample of their products to be used and reviewed. Upon agreement of sponsoring an item, I will agree to use the product in its content of how it should be used with an included review and link to the sponsor's personal website and company.


All sponsored items and reviews are clearly noted at the bottom of each post, and all opinions on this blog are written in my own words on the sponsored item or review. These opinions will not reflect my own opinions on the sponsor or individual behind the review. I will only review and promote items or companies in which I feel passionate about. As sole owner of Beaute Sombre, I reserve the right to end a sponsorship relationship without refund if I see that the sponsor is conducting business in an unethical manner or because of conflicts of interest.

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