Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty, Hair & Style // Collection Of The Month v. 01

"Holy Lazy Oaf collaboration, Batman! The UK-based graphic street wear label recently teamed up with DC comics to release an awesome Batman-themed collection in celebration of The Dark Knight Rises. The collection is a totally cute retro throwback to the comic book black-and-yellow Batman of yesteryear, complete with bat-signal prints, vintage Batman logos, and - yes - even bat wing silhouettes! I want every piece and, between The Dark Knight Rises and Spiderman, I'm on a super comic book kick these days."

All I can say is that Audrey Kitching said it the best way when describing the Batman x Lazy Oaf Collaboration. To me, the photos describe the story even better than the description considering that I am a huge fan of comics (especially since I am in love with Catwoman and Selene's character in Batman). Here is the link to the photo album if you want to see more eye candy!

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