Saturday, January 12, 2013

Procreation & Parenthood // Parenting Tips v. 01

I can already feel the tense faces of those who feel the need of knowing and understanding why Wreck It Ralph needs a reason to be in one of my parenting tips. Well you cherry-chasing dot-muncher, I will tell you why.
Oh, you don't like Pac-Man? Too bad.

Just take the hint that I am an adult in a child's body (a very tall body, if I say so!) and that I want you to know that I absolutely loved the Wreck It Ralph movie. Video games own my heart and forever will I love references made within the movie. But why is this a movie to rave about when it comes to parenting? Well....lets just say that his achievement to be fully-potty trained earned him a special trip in order to get big boy underwear... sit on the big boy chair at Taco Bell (nothing new) before seeing the movie
...for him to play with video game guns after the movie (also nothing new for us)

...and to get a lollipop for the walk home all because he learned how to potty in the toilet.

And there you have it, the reason why its a good thing to spoil your kid to new underwear, big boy (video game) guns, Taco Bell and a movie (might I add his first movie theater experience?) just for using the toilet on a daily basis for months at a time. Even if your child runs carelessly throughout the theater (like ours did), still let them have their big day.

After all, he or she will feel special for being embarrassed by the concept of peeing or pooping in their diapers and finally taking the plunge to poop in order to scream at the top of their lungs so they can say "I did it!". Be prepared and do not say that I did not warn you.


  1. That's great that he is potty trained! Yay! I haven't seen wreck it Ralph yet. I will someday! :)

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