Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Loving // Celebrating The Holiday v. 01

Every hipster-like crafter mom or Martha-Stewart wannabe out there is of course born for the holidays with recipes, crafts and what have you. But did you know that I can see the smirk on your face when I say that I am literally born for the holidays?

[ c/o Seattle Times ]

No, no..its true I tell you. Let's just start with my name: Melanie Leann King or MLK for short. Kind of ironic for the MLK, but get this... I am the Junior of our family. Its kind of a joke / real relation to my immediate families' dynamic. My dad and I are extremely close you see, and we share a lot of things in common: our love for horses, kindred nature to living and loving life, our natural ability to pull pranks, the awareness of how a child should be raised (and this is no joke after I had Zak!), our unwilling ability to never turn down an argument, and the list can go on for days.

I could go on in other realms including Valentine's Day and even Halloween, but I will save that for another time. Just know that I want to spread my joy for the holidays, even if that means pulling a prank on you!


  1. That's pretty cool! My parents actually thought I was going to be a boy and randomly named me Jessica at the hospital. lol I'm just lucky my name isn't Derrick.

  2. Hey! Not really my name, but on my thirteenth birthday, a very important protest took place in the country I lived back then, and it led to a political party named after that date... Which I guess was cool. I also share a birthday with Einstein and Albert II de Monaco...




  3. Derrick is still such a cute name, even for a boy!


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