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beaute sombre [ beau-té som-bre ] dreaming big and living larger than the "normal" society standards, caring for nothing mundane and always in constant pursuit of adventure, new experiences, forever learning and finding the beauty in the most out-of-the-norm places. blossoming into a being who comforts the disturbed and disturbing the sensitized, this glittering spectrum of personality always brings a party with her.
introvert.obssessive-compulsive organizer.good-humored.complex.accepting.

With feline paws and musical notes running through my veins and down my spine, I am that creep with hints of everything bubblegoth, girly and neon with a mixture of all things dark, exotic and grotesque with cups of blood and sugar on top. As a furry living in her own wonderland, I am going to let you through the VIP gates to see exactly what I am all about. It's my calling to spread my morbid, cynical sense of humor, to document the obnoxious, yet memorable events in my life, and to make sure that every person I cross has a good time. I want to set this world on fire with my eleganza, to create an edge that no one will ever forget and to capture the affection of those who want to start a revolution with my excuding warmth, love, laughter, and well...blood. If you want to live everyday as if it were a mix of Valentine's Day and Halloween, you are in the right place.

As a self-taught Graphic and Web Designer, Feline Enthusiast, and Wicked Minx Dreadfalls owner, I live for the days that allow me to create works of art and to write to my heart's content. Currently, I am a full-time student at University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Retail Management almost under my belt (2014, here I come!). What does not stop there will come another venture through another four years toward obtaining my degree in Fashion Design through a school of the like after completing 15 months in Cosmetology school at Intellitec. My love of fashion was initially an act of rebellion against my parents and the 'popular' people at school - which then developed into something all consuming and now is my number one passion. After two decades of living in the most humid place in the United States and feeling bummed with bare to none inspiration, I can finally call Colorado my home after the most nerve-wracking trip in my entire life.

I am adventurous and enjoy running around with my FujiFilm FinePix S documenting as many memories as possible. Even as an advocate for environmental and animal rights while trying to be as pesco-vegetarian as much as possible, I discriminate against no one, however I will never tolerate negativity, hate or racism. Looking for fun in everything I do is an understatement, living for a mean work-out is never enough, and being sarcastically daring is only one of my callings in life even though I do not take even anything seriously. Although I'm no cook, I do love to decorate, bake and be as domesticated as I can possibly be without bowing down to my lover and best friend. With a positive outlook on life, I am always that girl who will laugh at herself when she makes mistakes or embarrasses herself and will always have a controller in her hand (yes, that means I am one tough girl to beat when it comes to video games!).


Family warms my heart and nothing is better in life than living in a two-story home with my three joyous, yet chaotic children (one biological son named Monkey and four furry companions) and my romance-built, video playing fiance named David. My life would not be complete without them and certainly not as fun either.

Let's start with the first amazing little man to the right, which basically was the start of my new life. Born on my grandmother's birthday (August 19th, 2009), his birth was a blessing after she passed the year before. He became my entire world and no man could get in between us. Even as a baby, he was my side-kick and my best friend who was always there for me when I needed him through the most darkest times of my life. The happiest baby (and now boy,...no wait, he prefers to be called monkey!) you'll ever meet.

loving.dominant.spontaneous.extroverted.born to lead.self-expressive.confident.

Obsessive compulsive about cleanliness like his momma, fighting ninja like his daddy and just as equally intelligent and imaginative. Calls Harley Quinn his best friend, but always makes room for lots of hugs and kisses for those he also loves throughout the day. Has a preference over trying to fix his Lightning McQueen bicycle rather than to ride it, and would rather run around in his underwear (even in the winter). For a kid his age, he's extremely tough and nothing hardly ever phases him. Would prefer to be clean after each and every meal, just the way that momma wants it to be. Can not stand the feeling of something sticky on his hands and while claustrophobic, he always demands to sleep under a “blanketed” tent at night. You tell him the name of one thing and he will remember it forever. He acts out as his favorite superhero, which is Spiderman, almost every day. What he doesn't know, is that he's our little superhero with a bigger cape than Batman could ever have!

David Northrop is the only guy that has ever gotten to my heart so fast that it made my whole world spin. Forever linked with our souls through telepathy, he protects and defends us from harm, makes sure that we feel better if we are sick or just feeling crappy, will always bring home surprises for both Zak and I, loves us unconditionally, and always makes sure that we can depend on him when we need him. Usually making us laugh until our sides hurt, is amazingly supportive, steadily and effortlessly romantic, and can put up with our mood swings without causing a fight. He understands my beliefs, never judges me, always repeats what he says if I ask him to (I'm half-deaf!) and always makes sure that I am taken care of, especially when it comes to the food I eat (..pesco-vegetarian dating an omnivore, go figure). Since we first started dating, he has done many things to protect his health, which has not been limited to: quitting smoking all together before I moved to Colorado, eating better with me so we can loose the weight we put on by our horrible exs', and even working at a restaurant that supports all fresh and farm-raised ingredients (Chipotle Mexican Grill, which won the Libby Award for 2012).

Professional chef by day and rapper extraordinaire by night, he always makes sure that there is enough time put aside for his family. My best friend and even more amazing lover, he's the kind of man where we can equally goof around, tickle-fight or slap-box on random, and make fun of each other while not hurting the other's feelings. As my partner in crime and sugah bear that I hold an extremely large amount of interests with, David is my valentine in Krimzon blood that will always make sure that fun comes our way and that no one could ever pull us apart. 
I feel blessed to be in such a healthy relationship with such a supportive person. He's my rock and I love him dearly!


Gabrielle and Harley are the two pampered princesses who are spoiled, trouble-makers who love to eat more than they ever need throughout the day. While Gabi (or Miss Gabs Alot) is more of an introvert who would prefer cat naps all day and to not be bothered by the dog, Harley Quinn (our little Harlot or Harley Bunny) who is an extrovert who loves to play rough all the time, gala-vant through the house and to cuddle up next to Zak. These two pampered princesses prefer comfy beds and always think that they are the center of attention.

As for Alice (named after Alice: Madness Returns) and Needles (named after Sharon Needles, Season 4 Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race), these two spoiled rats enjoy running around my neck when I am working and will play with one another to keep the other occupied with friendship. While Alice keeps to herself as the mellow one (the reason why we call her Mary-Jane), Needles is always finding something to get into (our little meth lab!).

I'm the one that has to die when its time for me to die, 
so let me life my life, the way I want to. - Jimi Hendrix

With this blog, I hope that we can make you feel at home, to learn, grow and laugh along the way. If you ever want to know something about me, my family or other aspects of mine/our lives, I am more than happy to answer you back at djkittiex [at] email [dot] phoenix [dot] edu.

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